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So, last night my sweet daughter was having trouble going to sleep and kept getting up from her bed. About ten o’clock she came into the kitchen. I was sitting looking through Pinterest recipes trying to come up with menu ideas when I looked up to her sweet smiling face.

She looked at me with a serious look that let me know that she had been thinking really hard. She said, “Mom, I really need to ask you something that has been on my mind now so that I won’t forget later.”

How could I say no to that???

Her question…..

“If God knows all the future and all that will happen…..then why did He create Adam and Eve? I mean, He knew that He would have to send them away from the Garden, and he created them anyway…..why would He do that?”

Seriously???!! When I was her age I was definitely not thinking about why the Creator of the Universe would continue with His plan of creating us even though He knew we would make bad choices and break His heart!! I am completely in awe of the way her heart and mind work together…..!

My answer……..was simply this.

He created us for the same reason that Daddy and I chose to have you and your brother. Even though we knew you would not always obey us or even like us….even though there will be days when you think you hate us……we wanted to have you in our lives and love you with an unconditional love. We knew it wouldn’t be easy…but it is definitely worth it!!

She thought for a split second…and then smiled. She got it. She truly did.

She went to bed and was able to go to sleep after that. But it left me wide awake with some thoughts.

We love our kids unconditionally….with a love that is fierce and unwavering. We would walk through fire and literally do anything for our kids.

That is the way we were designed. In the image of God. He loves us no matter what. EVEN when He knew we would mess up…He CHOSE to create us. Even when He knows what a mess we could/would make of our lives at times….He chooses to be there for us….even if it is at a distance while we sort through our feelings ….He is always there. Just as we are as a parent.

It’s the perfect love…..I fail my kids, daily. But He doesn’t fail me….EVER. He is love. He is patient. He is kind. He does not keep a record of our wrongdoings. His love never fails. He never fails any of us.

It got me to thinking more…….. I know that is how we feel about our kids…..they are a part of us.

But truly….isn’t that how he wants us to feel about everyone? How about your spouse? Are you willing to be there for them through the ups and downs? Is your love the unconditional love that God has asked of you to have? What about others? Others in your family……others in your community….. Aren’t we called to love everyone the same?

Well….those are just some of the thoughts my daughter has brought to my mind. She got her answer. But mine questions are still stirring.

I’m thankful for Him working in me. I’m so thankful He uses a child to show me what His love in my life looks like and what He expects my life and love through me to look like. Every night we pray for Him to show us how to be His hands and feet…for Him to give us His eyes and heart and ears. We pray that we are the light in this dark world and others would see Jesus in us.

I definitely see it in my kids…..so much more than I see it in myself sometimes. I love how he speaks to me.

I pray He has spoken to you through my daughter’s question…..

Many blessings and love!!! ~c


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