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It is through tears I am writing this. When I heard of this senseless act….my heart dropped. I still haven’t even seen the news…..but I don’t need to. I’ve been the news before and know that it doesn’t always portray the whole truth.

I have all of the information I need to know. Someone walked into a school and took the lives of countless, innocent people. Including children….. Senseless. Ridiculously selfish. Incredibly …….well…..just wrong. There are so many things to say, but nothing that can make this…make any of it…make sense.

So….don’t try.

Don’t try to make sense out of a senseless act. Don’t try to figure out what was going on in this man’s mind. Don’t analyze everything the news says and try to compare it to what you think or how you believe. Just don’t go there.

I’ve said it before…… you don’t want to understand what was going on in his mind or how he could do something so horrific…. Because then, that means you could think like him. And you don’t EVER want to be able to do that.

Instead….thank God you don’t get it! Thank God you couldn’t fathom going from person to person and continuing to pull the trigger. I finally had to do that. Because I TRIED to get it…… I tried to envision myself on the shooting end….and imagine what he saw….and how he felt….. But it made me sick and I thank GOD it did!!

What you can do….is pray. Most who read this will not know the families of those killed. But we know that our Heavenly Father does. Pray for them. Pray for peace in the midst of this storm. Pray for the right people to be in their path that will offer just the right words of comfort they need to hear. Pray that their needs will be met, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Pray that families will come together through this tragedy. Pray that dad’s will hold their children tight, cry in front of them…..and allow their love to be seen. Pray that mommy’s will hold their baby’s hands…..but still be ok to let them go when they need to and not be too afraid. Pray that people won’t say stupid stuff. I know that in the wake of a tragedy everyone wants to be he voice of reason….but all those people need to hear right now are three things.

1.) I’m so sorry
2.) I’m praying for you
3.) I’m right here when you need me

Some of the families of those who were spared……might say something like….”oh, God was watching over you! That is why you made it!”…..or “God must have special plans for your life since He spared you.”. No….that isn’t it! Because I know…beyond a shadow of a doubt…that God was holding the hands of the ones who died and greeted them at His gates!!! God was with all of them.
That is His promise. To be with each of us. As He is now with you……He is also with those families.

So intercede on their behalf to Him. But also, don’t let this pass without taking a look at your life, your family……and appreciating much more what you have! I truly believe it dishonors those who died….as well as their families….if you don’t let this break your heart…..and take a good heart check. We are NOT promised tomorrow…..or even tonight. Neither are our loved ones.

So who do you need to say, “I love you so much” to tonight? or better yet….RIGHT NOW!!!! Please do so…. and as you do…say a prayer of thanks for what you have……..and say a prayer for those who have lost what you have. Don’t take anything for granted.

The families of today’s tragedy will thank you. I thank you. From the bottom of my broken heart I thank you. It is through prayers of others…….and the comforting arms of God….that I am still here. So, be the prayer warrior today…..that these families can thank you for being…..in about 15 years.

Much love to each of you.


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