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Heather and Matt

Can I just tell you how proud I am of my baby sister right now!!  Well…I am going to do just that!  This is a pic of her from last year’s Tour de Pink.  For her five year “cancerversary” she decided to celebrate by doing a 230 mile/3 day bike ride to help raise money for YSC. (Young Survival Coalition)  And of course…Matt did it with her.  Heather is not a regular bike rider (or should I say she wasn’t before this!) and this isn’t on flat terrain like in Oklahoma…  This starts off in Hershey, Pennsylvania and goes all the way to New York City!!

The ride starts in Hershey because Hersheys is the largest contributor to YSC.  YSC is a national organization that helps women under 40 going through breast cancer.  When Heather was diagnosed she was only 28.  She went to some wonderful support groups at first.  But she began to notice that although they were going through the same disease….many of these women were at different stages in their lives.  Therefore, the hopes and dreams of having more children and the question of how will my treatment affect that….just didn’t worry women who were in their 60s and had already had their families.  As Heather said…she gained a lot of wisdom from these older women…but at the same time needed to be surrounded by more who knew a little more about how she was feeling.  Since there was not a group like that in or near Tulsa, my sister (being the wonderful woman she is) decided to begin an affiliate of the YSC in Tulsa.  She is the main contact for them and now helps tons of young women go through their own battles!

They ride into New York City because that is where the National Headquarters for YSC is located.  This morning I got to see my sister on National news!  FOX news!  She was on the front row smiling with tears running down her face as her friends husband accepted a check for his daughter from Hersheys.  You see, her mother died, at 44, from her second battle with this horrible disease.  I sat in my living room with a smile and tears holding my kids as I watched her…with pride swelling from me for how she has accepted this trial God has given her!

Heather has seen many young women die from breast cancer.  She herself has survived 6 1/2 years since her own diagnosis.  She is what I consider the best advocate these young women have.  She speaks at all kinds of events to raise awareness.  She sits on the Dept. of Defense and Komen Panels to help decide where to spend research dollars.  She speaks at the capitol and does so much for this cause.  She spends countless hours, unpaid, putting together info packets, sitting with scared patients at their first round of chemo, or just doing research.  She prays fervently for all afftected …. and for a cure.

She and I were at our mother’s bed when mom took her last breath.   That is something we will never forget.  I was in 5th grade when mom fought her first battle.  Heather was only two.  She doesn’t have the memories I have of mom fighting.   Then, watching Heather go through so much like mom did, the memories came flooding back.  I tried to not let on….but I was terrified.  I just hated that I couldn’t do anything to help my baby sister.  It made me sick.

Well, we are on the good side of this disease right now.  Although Heather and I both carry the gene…and have had to endure too much…we press on.  SHE presses on!  She has said that she isn’t glad God gave her breast cancer….but she is glad He gave her this ministry.  That is truly what it is for her…..a ministry.  I used to be jealous of it…… hate to say it..but it is true.  I would tell her…It’s not fair…you can see a young woman with no hair and wearing a pink ribbon and have an instant connection…an instant ministry.  And she is sooooooooo good at it.  She can walk up to anyone and start a conversation and have them laughing and crying at the same time!  And I know those individuals are thankful to have Heather now in their lives.  With my story….well….you just can’t spot people who have been what I’ve been through.  And honestly, the times I’ve reached out to those who have had the same type of tragedy happen…well…they just don’t want to hear that God is good and life goes on……not yet.  And I get that.

What I have learned is people just need to hear that it is ok to not like what God has given us.  But that there is hope after difficult times and that with Him…..not only can you get through it….but maybe…..just possibly……you can help a TON of people on the other side of it…if you just step out….and share it!

Take a page from my sister’s book.  She didn’t ask for this….didn’t want it.  But she walked through it with grace, and faith and is now helping countless women……including ones like me……go through their journey.  Praise God for women like Heather Cobb!  I love you little sis! And I believe in you too!!!

Now…..for a shameless plug.  Go to http://www.ysctourdepink.org  The pic of Heather and Matt is on that site…..and if you feel so inclined….you can donate in her name…..or…someone you love who has fought this battle we call breast cancer!

If you go through a time when you feel as if you’re going to be washed away, draw close to God and wait patiently on Him.  Love Him enough to praise Him all the way through, no matter what the outcome.  Thank Him that He is a good God, and ask Him to show you the good in your situation.

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Last night I was chatting via text with a friend.  Someone very close to her had passed away and she was there for the funeral.  She said, “To everyone else he was something else, but to me…..he was a hero.”.  This statement has resonated with me all night long.  And this morning I feel like this is so true..we all need a hero….or many heroes!

My sweet friend....my hero.

Last week was the birthday of one of my best friends in this world.  Only problem is that she is no longer a part of this world.  She died last year.  She was one of my heroes.  We met only 3 weeks after my second son was born.  I was 18 and she was 22!  She took me under her wing and became my best friend.  She loved me unconditionally and we had a blast doing life together!  She is the one that led me to Christ.  She is the one that showed me what it looked like to walk with Him!  She became a part of my family.  When the boys died…..she is the one that came and slept in my bed and held me when I cried!  I miss her….but will try to be like her with the rest of this life I have been given.

Two of my biggest heroes!

Here are two more of my heroes.  They are some of the strongest women I know.  The one in the middle is my little sister. And the one in the hat is my mom.  Both of them have battled breast cancer.  My mom’s first battle was when she was 31.  I was in 5th grade and my sister was only 2.  Mom had a horrible reaction to her chemo but she battled with grace and strength.  Then, at 47 she faced her second battle.  And again, at 49 she faced another battle.  This would be the battle she fought the hardest.  The one they said would only last six months…but she made last a year and nine months!  This is the battle that took her life…

And my sweet sister….at 28 diagnosed with breast cancer.  She is now a six year survivor and the biggest and best advocate this world has EVER seen.  While walking through her battle with cancer she has reached out and helped so many other women and families…I can’t even begin to tell you!  I think that she is one of the bravest women out there.  I have even heard her say that it isn’t so much that she is glad God gave her breast cancer…but she is thankful for the ministry she has now because she had breast cancer.  Talk about strong!  She has allowed God to shine through her and she is the biggest fighter I know.

I could go on and on….about these and other heroes in my life.  I have many more friends I could share their stories with you….But just one more….

God is my hero.  The day my boys died I had so many people at my parents house with outstretched arms and tears to share with mine.  And I love each one of them for it.  But by that evening….I had to get away.  I had to go and be with my Father.  I was able to go into a room by myself….light some candles and just talk to God.  Because He understood my pain.  He had lost a son too.  He knew my heartache and my pain.  He wanted to hold me and to share His tears with mine.  He lost His son….by His choice.  To make up for everything that we would do…..to make a bridge so that our sins would not keep us from Him…so that He could hold us and we could have assurance that we would all be with Him again some day.  He loves us that much……..now THAT is my hero.

There are souls in this world which have the gift of finding joy everywhere and of leaving it behind them when they go…   ~Frederick W. Faber

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